8 Benefits of Barefoot Walking For 5 Minutes Every Day

Sitting on heels or stuck in moccasins, feet suffer every day. In summer, you can free them with flip-flops and sandals. How about throwing away our barefoot shoes and walking barefoot? Walking directly on the ground for five minutes a day has many positive health benefits.

Natural walking involves rolling the foot from the heel to the ball of the foot to the toes. However, in our daily walking, we move directly from heel to toe. Barefoot walking restores the natural rolling motion of the foot. Certain areas are stimulated again and the pressure points perform a kind of massage that is very good for us. Walking barefoot for at least 5 minutes every day is a simple practice that anyone can do.

1. Stimulation of blood circulation

The foot is no longer burdened by shoes and is free from any compression. Barefoot walking stimulates blood circulation and promotes oxygenation of the body and nourishment of organs and muscles. A healthy diet and physical activity contribute to better fitness.

2. Activation of reflexes

Walking with direct contact with the ground stimulates the reflex zones located in the supporting regions of the sole. These are the areas on which the body rests when walking or standing. Ideally, the body weight should be evenly distributed between the front and back of the foot. However, shoes change the natural way our body weight rests on our feet, which can cause physical imbalances (ankles, knees, pelvis, back).

3. Build the muscles of the feet

Unlike our feet, which are locked in our shoes and immobile, our hands are constantly moving and their muscles contract. Walking barefoot allows us to re-muscle our feet so that they fulfill their stabilizing role and do not become stiff over time. The calf, leg, and back muscles are also toned. The body will be strengthened.

4. Avoid the “heavy leg effect.”

When you stand for a long time or it is very hot, the venous return becomes more difficult and blood tends to stagnate. When you walk barefoot, the blood circulation is reactivated and the blood in the veins flows back to the heart more easily. In this way, the uncomfortable feeling of heavy legs is avoided.

5. Work on your balance.

Walking around on a floor without shoes and especially on uneven terrain (e.g. sand) trains your balance and coordination. The signals between the head and feet are reactivated and the sense of touch can develop again.

6. Reduce back pain

When we walk without shoes, our movements are more supple. In this way, the back is less stressed by the ground and the body perceives the shock waves better. Without shoes, the feet give more accurate information to the body and especially to the back. These, in turn, reduce the risk of trauma.

7. Dispel stress.

There are thousands of nerve endings under the foot. Because our shoes, are rarely activated, and most importantly, they become charged with positive ions, electrical particles that are responsible for fatigue. You can feel this, for example, when you walk on the spot for a long time. When these nerve endings are in direct contact with the ground, they discharge the excess ions and make the energy in the body flow again, similar to the principle of foot reflexology. One removes blockages caused by stress, anxiety, and tension. One strengthens the nervous system and keeps away the signs of depression.

8. Letting go

Walking barefoot on the ground, one works on one’s anchoring with the earth, as with any relaxation and well-being technique (meditation, yoga). It also massages the foot reflex zones, which leads to deep relaxation. The feeling of the grass caressing our feet puts us in an almost meditative state where we can finally let go.

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