Top 10 Most Popular Horses Breed

There are more than 350 breeds of horses and ponies, but some of them are especially popular. Five special breeds and five general categories of horses capture the hearts of horse lovers around the world.

Whether a working, racing, leisure or show horse, each horse has its qualities. These horses are distinguished by their versatility and good behavior. They can be used for both leisure and competition, and many of them are suitable for beginners in horse breeding.

here is a list of the most popular horses breed

Tip :

Just because a horse breed is popular doesn’t mean it’s easy to care for. All horses involve a large investment in terms of time, housing, care, and money. If you are thinking of buying a horse, you should carefully weigh all these factors.

1. American Quarter Horse

Beloved by novice and professional riders around the world, the American Quarter Horse is famous for its agility, docility, and athleticism. Originally bred in the 17th century from English and Spanish thoroughbreds crossed with native breeds such as the Chickasaw horse, it has the largest stud book in the world. These horses are shining stars in the cross-country and show field.

Breed Overview

  • HEIGHT: from 56 inches to 64 inches
  • WEIGHT: 950 to 1,200 lbs.
  • BODY CHARACTERISTICS: Medium bone; finely chiseled head; broad forehead; flat profile.

2. Arabian 

The Arabian is the oldest registered breed of horse in the world. Its ancestry dates back to 3000 B.C. All light horse breeds, including the Appaloosa, Morgan, and Andalusian, can trace their ancestry to the Arabian. It is a rather temperamental breed and not all beginners can cope with it. However, in general, the Arabian is a loving and loyal horse.

Overview of the breed

  • HEIGHT: from 56 inches 16 hands 
  • WEIGHT: 800 to 1,000 lbs.
  • BODY CHARACTERISTICS: Flexible, compact body; wedge-shaped head; short back with sloping shoulders and strong hindquarters.

3. Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds are the most popular racehorses in North America. This breed is considered “warmblooded”, which means it is known for its agility, speed, and temperament. It is a good all-around horse that often has a career in other equestrian sports besides racing, such as dressage and jumping. Or it simply lives as a pleasure-ridden companion animal.

Summary of the breed

  • HEIGHT: from 60 inches to 68 inches
  • WEIGHT: 1,000 to 1,300 pounds.
  • BODY CHARACTERISTICS: Deep chest; lean body; long, flat muscles; delicate head.

4. appaloosa

The colorful spotted Appaloosa was originally developed by the Nez Perce Native Americans for hunting and fighting. It is believed to be descended from wild horses crossed with Thoroughbreds, American Quarter Horses, and Arabians. This hardy and versatile horse is ideal for herding, recreational riding, long-distance riding, and much more.

Breed Summary

  • HEIGHT: from 56 inches to 64 inches
  • WEIGHT: 950 to 1,200 lbs.
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Colorful coat pattern; spotted skin; striped hooves.

5. Morgan

The Morgan’s strength and elegance have made it a very popular breed of horse. As the official horse breed of Vermont, the Morgan’s muscles were used to clear and plow farms in New England during colonial times. It is safe on difficult trails and dignified in show rings.

Description of the breed

  • HEIGHT: from 56 inches to 60 inches.
  • WEIGHT: 900 to 1,100 pounds.
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Small ears; expressive eyes; crested neck.

6. warmbloods.

In equine circles, the terms “warm-blooded,” “hot-blooded,” and “cold-blooded” are used to classify a horse’s temperament, size, and origin. Medium-sized horses such as the American Quarter Horse, the Hanoverian, the Cleveland Bay, and the Canadian are considered warm-blooded horses with European heritage. There is a touch of temperament in them, as seen in the agile “warm-blooded” Thoroughbreds or Arabians, combined with the calm demeanor of the “cold-blooded” workhorses. And this balanced temperament makes them a popular horse.

7. ponies

Ponies are another popular category of horses. In most cases, a horse of 14.2 hands (57 inches) or less is considered a pony (there are two exceptions: the miniature horse and the Icelandic horse). The bold Shetland and the elegant Welsh are popular pony breeds. With their short stature, they often make excellent first horses for children.

8. Grade Horses

Grade Horse – a horse with no particular breed – is the fancy term for the mixed breeds of the horse world. They differ from crossbred horses because crossbred horses are the result of horses with known pedigrees that are intentionally bred. Grade horses may not have an outstanding pedigree, but they can be just as versatile and loyal as any other horse. They also tend to avoid many of the genetic diseases found in Thoroughbred horses.

9. Dressage Breeds

Walking Horses are a category of horses that have been selectively bred for a smooth gait or amble. These horses generally walk at a medium pace with a four beat gait. Breeds such as the Tennessee Walking Horse, Kentucky Saddlebred, Icelandic Horse, and Paso Fino are popular choices for older riders, those with joint problems, and those who want a swing-free ride.

10. draft breeds

Draft horses are heavy, cold-blooded horses known for pulling heavy loads. In the past, they were also used in combat to carry the weight of heavily armored soldiers. These horses have thick coats and manes that enable them to withstand the cold, and they tend to have calm temperaments.1 The Clydesdale, Percheron, Shire, and Belgian are popular examples of these gentle giants. In addition, draft horse crosses are ideal as first-time horses because they tend to be good-natured and affectionate.


How many horse breeds are there?

There are more than 350 different horse breeds worldwide.

What are the largest horse breeds?

The Shire horse is the largest, followed by the Clydesdale, the Belgian Draft Horse, the Percheron and the Dutch Draft Horse.

How can the horse breeds be distinguished?

While you can pay for genetic testing to determine a horse’s breed, you can also make guesses based on color, markings, conformation, gait and size.

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